'After Overland' Talks Page


Are you connected to a Land-Rover club? Looking for a speaker for a meeting? The 'First Overland' story 'Forgotten Film of Forgotten Roads' is tailor-made for your club.

It features the Expedition itself, and the behind-the-scenes story of converting BB's original footage for DVD. Illustrated with many clips, it takes about an hour, and is perfect for an evening meeting followed by coffee (or something stronger, if you meet in a pub!) Naturally, the DVDs are also available to buy.

If you're already aware of the story, then 'After Overland' introduces the story of what happened to the cars when they returned to the UK; how 'Cambridge' was lost, and the travels of 'Oxford' up to the point where much of the remains were buldozed into the hillside on a remote island in the South Atlantic. Even more remarkable... how those remains were brought back to the UK and reborn into a roadworthy vehicle again.

I provide all the kit — large TV etc — and don't charge a fee! However, I need to look for some expenses for the diesel, so the ideal travelling area is between the Humber and the Tweed. Contact me for further details.