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The iconic 'Land Rover shape' has become past history, as production of the traditional Land Rover ceased at Solihull in 2016. From the first 80" Series 1 through to the Defender was nearly 70 years of continuous development, with the original silhouette still recognisable.

Graeme Aldous (Teeafit Sound & Vision) has specialised in capturing on video some of the most iconic vehicles and their stories, from the two 86" Station Wagons that left London for Singapore in 1955, and became the 'First Overland', to the most modern 'Defender' incarnation which celebrated 65 years of the 'World's Best 4x4xFar'. There's also a video report of when Arthur Goddard returned from Australia... Arthur Goddard? He was the Project Engineer for the very first Land-Rover idea, and was the 'midwife' who turned the drawings into driveable metal. Not only do we tour the factory, and many of the locations where the first Land-Rovers were tested, but he debunks many of the myths that have grown up around the cars. Made out of old melted-down Spitfires? No, says Arthur, and the paint wasn't cockpit paint either!

And what happened to the 'Oxford' and 'Cambridge' cars after their epic overland journey to Singapore? 'After Overland' learns the truth about 'Cambridge' from the last man known to have driven it, and traces the journey that 'Oxford' took, from Ascension Island to a bramble bush on St.Helena, and now back onto the roads of the UK.

To celebrate this British icon, the four DVDs ('First Overland', 'Stop Gap', 'Land Rover 65' and 'After Overland') are available as a PAL or NTSC box set for 72 — a saving of almost 20%.

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