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The 'LR65' DVD is available in PAL and NTSC television formats. Either type will usually play satisfactorily on computers with DVD drives, and many nations now favour dual-standard DVD players. However, for best results you are advised to order the appropriate standard. PAL is for Europe and countries which have a generally British tradition (eg Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). NTSC is for the Americas, West Indies and Japan. For a full list of countries, click here.
[The NTSC discs are prepared to special order, so may take slightly longer to despatch than the PAL ones — if there's a significant delay, I'll inform you.]

Do not confuse this with DVD 'Region Codes' — 'LR65' will play in all regions.

PayPal Solutions

You can buy securely online, using your Credit Card or PayPal account. The price is the same worldwide (including postage) — you only pay 22.00 (or its equivalent in Australian, Canadian or US Dollars, Euros or Yen).

'LR65' DVD (PAL)   



Vimeo On Demand      

But for those who prefer to download, 'Land Rover 65' also available from Vimeo for 15 (purchase) or 8 (6-month rental).
[Prices might be a couple of pence different, because Vimeo works in US Dollars, and this is as close as I could get to a suitable sterling price. You can pay, of course, in whatever your local currency is.]