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The original film footage from the 1955 Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition available now on DVD.

50 years ago six students from Oxford and Cambridge set out in two Land-Rovers to drive from London to Singapore. Apart from the English Channel and the Bosporus (and the necessary river crossings, large and small), they drove overland all the way — the first time it had been achieved.

Tim Slessor's book of the Expedition, 'First Overland', has been a classic ever since, and it has now been re-printed by Signal Books to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. There is also a talking book version available from www.firstoverland.com. It was recorded by Antony Barrington-Brown, Patrick Murphy & Tim Slessor in Singapore whilst marking the 50th Anniversary of their arrival there, and includes a very informative introduction by Sir David Attenborough,

But the Expedition only went ahead because its financial viability was assured by David Attenborough when he commissioned 3 films for the BBC. They were shot in colour by Antony Barrington-Brown ('BB'), but only transmitted in black and white. In the late 50s there was no home recording technology like VHS, so once broadcast, the films faded from view and have rarely been seen since.

Now they have been re-mastered and edited, with a commentary by BB and Tim Slessor, and interviews with Nigel Newbery, Pat Murphy, Adrian Cowell and Sir David Attenborough. The DVD also has an 'extra' about the making of the original films and the rescuing of the footage.

This is a must for Land-Rover and expedition enthusiasts alike.

Both the PAL and NTSC versions are now available, and you can buy online via the button on the left. If you want to be kept informed of any future news about 'First Overland' and the DVD, you can register for an occasional email newsletter. There are also details of any future events where you can learn more about the making of the 'First Overland' DVD.

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