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The DVD 'Nell's Moors' and the VHS tapes are only available in PAL television format. PAL is for Europe and countries which have a generally British tradition (eg Australia, New Zealand, South Africa). NTSC is for the Americas, West Indies and Japan. For a full list of countries, click here.

PAL DVDs will usually play satisfactorily on computers with DVD drives, and many nations now favour dual-standard DVD players. However, it can't be guaranteed that it will play smoothly on NTSC players, so I'm afraid that you are advised not to order unless you are sure that you can play it satisfactorily.

Do not confuse this with DVD 'Region Codes' — 'Nell's Moors' will play in all regions.

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You can buy securely online, using your Credit Card or PayPal account. The price includes postage worldwide, and (for UK and EU residents) VAT. It's quoted in UK Pounds, but you can choose the equivalent in Australian, Canadian or US Dollars, Euros or Yen — other currencies will be automatically converted.
You can order more than one copy of your selection — this is dealt with at the Checkout stage.  

DVDs are usually mailed with the 'NelliVision' logo on the front. If you wish to keep the source a secret — eg the disc is being bought as a suprise present for someone in your household — then please put "No Logo" in the 'Special Instructions to Merchant' box on the PayPal form.

Nell's Moors Cover

DVD (PAL only) (19.50)


Nell's View Cover

Nell's Coast Cover

Nell's View Cover

All three of the above films on separate VHS tapes, but not the extra 'Nell – Sheepdog Video Star'


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